HEALTH - In the shadow of OBESITY … a real story
Recently my relative had a severe heart attack. Surprisingly he survived, as he was admitted the near by hospital within half an hour and got excellent medical care and treatment.

He was only 36 years old. He was not a smoker. He was not an alcoholic. He was very hard working. But he was OVER WEIGHT, 201 pounds (91 kg) and height only 5feet 5 inches. He was not followed regular medical check up. He has hereditary of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). Had no exercise, his job is sedentary and stressful. He used fast food very frequently and fried items and sweets were his weakness. His ‘Family’ was enjoying inviting of guest and ‘Feed them’ with ‘fats & sweets’ is a regular practice. Net result is a severe heart attack!


After 4 days of intensive care and medication he was referred to a leading hospital in city for angiogram and further treatment. The angiograph revealed consider improvement and the blockage were reduced to 70 percent. Doctor advised to take Treadmill test after 2 weeks. He successfully completed the test.

The doctor asked him. “Are you prepared to change your life style-with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and proper medication?”

After few seconds of initial shock he replied: “Yes, doctor, I will strictly adhere to your advices”

“OK. Good”. Doctor continued “God gave you a chance to live. Now you have to decide whether you have to live long or not. If you miss this chance you have to go for one or two angioplasty or bye passes surgeries and there ends every thing!”

Doctor stressed the need of healthy diet, regular exercise, and proper medication. He also reiterated the need of changing the life style and clarified his all doubts, including about his hereditary.

“The hereditary aspects or a family history of heart disease, directly contribute less than 10 percent of real risk and in most instances unhealthy life style, eating wrong, more and not getting exercise and becoming obese determine the risks.”

“Over weight indicate only one thing - you are taking more calories than you are using. Our body hates to waist good food, so instead of tossing out these surplus calories that are stored in the form of fat for future use.”

“Extra weight puts a strain on your heart, kidneys, and liver and also on the large weight bearing joints such as the hips, knees and ankles and tend to suffer back ache, aching leg, swollen ankles and sleeplessness. Over weight people have above average chance of developing high blood pressure, Cholesterol, diabetes, stroke, gall bladder problems, hardening of arteries and gout.”

“Women are more prone to obesity than men because their bodies are more efficient in storing fat. Obesity can also lower a woman’s chances of conception and lower men’s sexual abilities.”

“OK”. Doctor holds his palm on patient’s shoulder and told very softly but firmly:
“you should reduce 30 kg to avoid further risks.

“Oh! 30 kg”

“Yes” Doctor was very cool and he said:

“It is possible. I have reduced 30 kg. When I joined this hospital, I was 95 kg weight and my senior doctor told me to reduce 30 kg with in a year or quit from the hospital, because my chief doesn’t want to hear his assistant is died due to a heart attack.”

Doctor continued: “Support of all family members are very essential and entire family has to cooperate for a common healthy diet. It is also their responsibility as this change is for the survival of the person who really supports the family. Remember this is happened mainly due to bad food habit of the family, and God gave a chance to correct it and each member of family and gusts should give their maximum support”.

The dietitian came to room and he suggested various options of food.

Though doctor and dietitian explained things to patient, We all realized how much we had been neglecting health by eating wrong, not getting exercise, adding extra calories and becoming obese. This dangerous situation may happen to anybody, as doctor said; God gave a chance to live, decide to utilize this opportunity and under stand what is healthy Life Style and pass the information to others also.

Doctor gave some literature and suggested useful reading materials, and details of few highly informative websites and portals.

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