HEALTH - Prevent heart disease
Major cause of heart disease is family history and genetics and even with the best of preventive care, heart attacks happen. The preventive measures for high blood pressure are also beneficial for heart disease and stroke.

Regular exercise, healthy diet (lacto-vegetarian, low sodium and calories with emphasis on whole grains, seeds, fruits and vegetables.) and maintaining normal body weight are crucial to the prevention of heart disease and stroke. Eat fish at least every alternate day. Manage high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, high level of the amino acid homocysteine in the blood, high content of low density lipoprotein (LDL) and high-density lipoprotein (HDL) in blood with or with out medication.

Avoid or reduce to minimum - all white flour products, sweets, soft drinks, all hard fats of animal origin red meats tea, coffee, alcohol and tobacco. Avoid or reduce the amount of food that are industrially processed, artificially made or heavily fried. Also take a baby aspirin daily in consultation with your family doctor.

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Home remedies to prevent heart disease

In addition to the home remedies described under high blood pressure or hypertension the following home remedies will be helpful in preventing heart disease and stroke.

Use liberally Onion with all salads and it is an effective preventive edible against heart attack. It is because of the presence of aliypropyl disulphide, catechol, protocatechuic acid thiopropiono aldehyde, thiocynate and minerals and vitamins.
Green vegetables, particularly outer leaves of cabbage are good sources of vitamin E as it promotes cardiac function by oxygenic feed the cells and improves circulation and muscle strength of heart. Choose recipes that include vegetables like cabbage, onion, carrots, radish, spinach, plantain, bitter guard, pumpkin, drumstick, tomato, cucumber etc or fruits as the main ingredient. Avoid vegetables like cauliflower, brinjal, ladies finger and mustard leaves from diet. Also fruits like guava, jack fruit and tamarind to be avoided.

Include tender drumstick (Moringa oleifera) leaves in your diet or drink ½ ounce juice every morning as it act as a hypercholesterolemic(lowers cholesterol) agent especially in obese people.

Water kept in a copper vessel more than 12 hours should be taken early morning in empty stomach helps in the prevention and cure of heart diseases.

Whole plant juice of Mandukaparni (centella asitica), mix with honey (½ ounce each) to be taken in the morning in empty stomach. This is a very good heart tonic.

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