HEALTH - Danger Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not some thing to be afraid of. The amazing advancement of modern medical science, even the discomforts of labour are no longer a problem to most young mothers. Check with your physician at anything out of the ordinary happening in your abdomen.


These are the symptoms you have to watch out for, because they mean you need to pay more attention to your body and some time they may lead to complications.
• Vaginal spotting or bleeding
• Back or pelvic discomfort
• Less urine or burning and Painful Urination

• Dim or blurry vision
• Pain or cramps in your lower abdomen
• Chills or fever
• Decreased or a change in your baby's movements
• Contractions or tightening across your belly
• Nausea or vomiting with Abdominal Pain
• Severe dehydration
• Dizziness
• Severe headache
• Shortness of breath or feeling like you can't catch your breath
• Chest pain
• Persistent Back Pain
• Lightheadedness

Muscle weakness
• Swelling of the Hands / Face
• Any illness or infection
• Anything that bothers you

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