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Fashion Technologist
Any activity related to Fashion is a very lucrative business. People who can visualize the fashion trends can manage the business. Further, the survival and growth of any Fashion Industry depends on the ability of their Fashion Technologist. The Fashion Technologist should have qualities like artistic creativity, colour sense, imagination, ability to express or present ideas / concepts through drawing and sketches.

The role of the Fashion Industry is to manufacture of clothing and accessories on a commercial viable basis. As the labour costs have increased three fold in Europe, factories have been forced to invest in new technology and highly optimized machines in order to remain competitive.

In recent years, lower production costs offered by clothing factories in Hong Kong, India and Malaysia have led to a considerable number of European companies transferring their manufacturing abroad.

India, which has always been a center for the textile and garment trade, is also growing into a center of innovation in garment and accessory design. Indian Ready Made Garment export value has now reached to Rs. 20,000 Crores.
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Fashion technology has a wide scope for choosing a career. The primary areas of work in the fashion industry are market research, designing and manufacturing of garments and textiles. Fashion design is the most important area of work in fashion industry. Designing involves creating original designs after studying the changing trends of the market i.e market research.

Now the fashion industry has become so specialized that it encompasses a vast field of studies not only in design but also in concept management, design production management, quality control, planning, fabric design, printing, fashion accessory design, fashion merchandising, fashion photography textile science, colour mixing, marketing and so on.

It has various specializations in accessory fields like footwear, jewellery and even bags and luggage.
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