What is the ideal body measurements for women ?
It is a difficult question to answer as it differs from place to place. In Asian countries, a voluminous and curvaceous body is considered beautiful while in the western countries, a skinny and bony figure is regarded as a sign of beauty. However, some female body shapes and body measurements that can be adopted as a standard to define a perfect female body.
body measurements
Every woman have a particular body type, shape, and hence a peculiar measurement. Some are small and bulky, others are medium in height, and some are tall and skinny. (On average, the Chicago women weighed 184 pounds and the Nigerian women weighed 127 pounds.) Amongst them many are look pretty and beautiful and they are liked by one or the other.

Therefore, it is a difficult task to give accurate measurements of an ideal female body. According to the experts the women with a 36 inch broad bust, 26 inch broad waist and 36 inch broad hips looks gorgeous in almost every outfit. Thus, it may be 36"- 26"- 36" as the ideal body measurement for women.
Image source: http://www.hawaiianmoon.com/measurements.cfm
Or we can generalize the female measurements as below:
Bust 32” to 36"
Waist 22” to 26"
Hips 33” to 36"
But beauty is not depends only on the statistics but more in the features such as smooth and tone of skin, a straight medium sized nose, lips, long neck, bright and glittering eyes etc and etc.
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