Fashion Accessories
... It reflects your personality ...
Our dressing will not complete without appropriate and matched fashion accessories such as Watches, Handbags, Jewellery, Footwear, Eye wear, and also the latest craze item - a most modern cell phone. They add extra grace to whatever outfit one is wearing.

Accessories if chosen correctly can change an outfit from dreary to fabulous in minutes. On the other hand inaccurate accessories can ruin your look. Accessories should always match with your outfit, not an outfit to match your accessories.

Accessories should always be in harmony with your dress. For instance, if you are wearing a skirt or suit in a heavy fabric don’t put on sandals. Jewellery are always good but don’t wear too many at one time it will look gaudy. For office, wear only one ring, one bangle on each hand. Choose the ear rings that compliment the shape or bone structure of your face. Always match the colour of your dress and accessories where ever possible. While wearing glasses or sun glasses it should always match with your face size and shape. Jewelry should also match the style of clothes. As for cell phones, getting a stylish case for your iPhones or Android phone is the latest fashion craze.
In short all accessories either the ‘handbags’, the ‘shoes’, the ‘jewellery’, the ‘hairstyle’, even the ‘watch’- all these items have to go in perfect harmony with what you wears.

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