Latest Sari Trends
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In fact sari is the oldest fashion wear of the Indian fashion world and they never accept a total change of sari concept.
Pyjama Sarees- Designer Anamika Khanna
The sari is still as relevant now as it was then because it makes woman look graceful, stylish, elegant and sensuous and it maintains the very essence of Indian culture.

However, fashion designers experimenting new styles with combination of other fittings to attracts and satisfy new generation.

Left - Pyjama Sarees by Designer Anamika Khanna.
Jeans and Saree- Designer Nida Mahmood
Sathya Pauls’s trouser sari, Wendell Rodricks sari gown, Anamik khanna’s sari pyjama, Nida Mahmood’s Jean sari, Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s Chhotu Sarees, Ravi bajaj's poncho saris are the popular sari trends.

Left - Jeans and Saree by Designer Nida Mahmood.

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Saris (Sarees) Shops in South India
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