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Fashion trends are never static but changing frequently in all different categories viz. season wear, occasional wear, casual wear’, ‘formal wear’, ‘ethnic wear’, 'traditional wear', 'contemporary wear’, ‘designer wear’ and so on and very difficult to categorize or define precisely. Fashion is always changing with passing time as it’s well said that “the fashion is ever changing like women’s mind!’’

Explore the world of fashionable and trendy clothing.

Women Garments - Season Dresses
Summer clothing

Summer season is the warmest season of the year; it is between spring and autumn with full of joy, holidays, weddings, picnics, and countless other opportunities to wear a beautiful plus size light dresses preferably cotton material. In summer season, Cotton garments keeps the body cool and reflects the sun rays.
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White is the all time favourite colour but you can also try other pastel shades or colours like fiery orange, bottle green fuchsia or any bright colours in summer season.

Buy summer clothing like cotton petticoats, underskirt, slips, crinoline etc in matching colours as summer dresses are mostly thin and see-through materials; wearing the cotton undergarments is essential. Also cotton fabrics absorb more sweat.

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Winter clothing

It is very important for us to be comfortable walking to the office on a cold windy day and at the same time it is also important to be fashionable though it is basically used to get protection against chilly winter weather. The effective way to fight the cold is make dress to layer and layer with a material that allows the sweat to evaporate.

Winter clothing
Wool is a very good insulator, can absorb moisture without becoming really wet and is fairly inexpensive. They are used as Outer layers and usually cover the entire body from toe to head prevent from falling the pray of chilly winter condition and also differ according to situation.

There are varieties of winter apparels in different fabrics like wool, leather, fur, polyester, Polypropylene, hydrophobic fabrics, gabardine and cotton etc.

Winter dresses includes trench coat, Winter Coats, Winter Jackets, woolen Sweater, Fur Apparel, Woolen Wear, Pullovers, Cardigan, Fleece, Hoodies, Blazers, Muffler and so on.

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