BEAUTY - How to know your Skin Type
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In order to know how to care and treat your skin, it is essential to know your specific skin type. Also you must know your skin type before you buy any beauty products. With the help of a tissue paper test, you can easily find out your skin type. The following are the steps to be carried out.
• When you wakeup in the morning, press a tissue paper on to your cheeks, forehead nose and chin for one or two minutes. Do not rub the tissue paper on face. If there is oil marks on tissue paper, you have oily skin. In this case cheeks are drier than other parts of the face.
• If you have noticed the oil presence only on areas of nose, chin and forehead (T-zone); and no oil presence on cheeks, then your skin is Combination type. About 70 percent of women have combination skin.
• If there is no oil stain on the tissue paper at all you have either a Dry skin or Normal skin. To confirm Dry skin wash your face with Gram flour and water. If your skin give a feeling stretched or too tight, shiny and parched then it is Dry skin.
• If there is no oil stain on the tissue paper at all and you feel the skin is smooth, supple and elastic; it is Normal skin.
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Skin Care

Cleansing is the first step and the most important daily skin care routine that helps to remove dead skin cells, oil, dirt and other types of pollutants and restores its natural oil balance. Ordinary washing of the face does not serve the purpose which cleansing do. Cleansing creams goes deeper into the pores and wash them thoroughly.

Cleansing the face 2 times a day is adequate for normal skin, one in the morning and other at night just before bed time. Oily skin deserves a more frequent cleansing say 4-5 times a day.Use ordinary soap and water as soaps contain fats which work very effectively in removing dust and grease. If your skin is dry it is best to avoid frequent washing and you may have to use a suitable oil-based cosmetic cleanser instead of soap. Cream cleansers are used by those with dry skin. Grain cleansers are to be used for oily skin. Or use of cotton -pad dipped in fresh milk or cream, is an equally effective cleanser. Also select a cleanser that is alcohol free if you have dry, sensitive or dehydrated skin.

Apply cleansers and creams gently on your face in an upward and outward movement paying particular attention to the crease of the nose, ear, under the chin area and neck. The skin should not be stretched, dragged or pulled. Leave the cleanser for a minute or two so as to loosen the dirt and remove only with moist cotton.
Cleansing Creams / Cold creams
This Cleansing Cream can be used during winter season for all skin types. It is effective, easy to make and the ingredients are easily available.

Almond Cleansing Cream
White bee wax…….120 gm
Almond oil………….500 ml
Rose water………….1cup
Borax powder……….1tsp

Heat and melt the White bee wax in a pan and add other 3 items. Mix them and stir well till the mixture cools. This cream can be kept under refrigeration for long period.

Also many Cleansers are readily available in market viz. Turmeric-Lemon peel and sand wood oil mix; Lime–cucumber Cleansing milk; Pineapple-Neem leaves Cleansing milk, lemon-honey Cleansing milk, Mint Cleanser etc.

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