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Falling of hair is a normal process. Hair drops out because a new one has developed and grown underneath it. A healthy adult may shed between 50 to 100 hairs in each day. Excessive hair loss may be due to various reasons such as pregnancy, anemia, circulatory problems, thyroid disorders and hormonal problems. Mental disturbance, stress or strain are also sometime cause hair fall as the people suffering from mental strain often found short of vitamin B.

A good balanced diet is essential for healthy hair. High protein diets especially those containing gelatin and cysteine resulting increased growth of hair. Lacks of fatty acids, iron deficiency, zinc deficiencies are leading to hair fall.
Massage the scalp every day 10- 15 minute with your finger tips so as to reach every root of the hair is important for healthy hair. Very few of us know that we have with us a natural hair tonic hidden at the root of our hair. It is the tiny bulb at the root of hair known as papilla. Papilla provides nourishment to each hair by secreting a greasy substance. While massaging, this nourishing grease spread all over the hair and also increases blood circulation.

Then brushes the hair and this also further spread nourishing grease and cleanse the dirt and dust from hair. Do not wash immediately after massage as massage stimulates blood vessels and warms up the area and need cooling for one hour. For extremely dry hair, massage with warm olive oil is beneficial. Massaging after adding one vitamin E capsules in coconut oil also reported better result. Avoid vigorous massage after oiling as this may cause weakening the Papilla.

Cleanse the hair is the next step. The following simple steps to be followed.

Normal Hair
• Shampoo once in 10 days
• Do not use extra –oily cream
• Use tonic shampoo

Oily hair
• Shampoo twice a week
• Do not use oil or cream
• Use lemon shampoo

Dry hair
• Shampoo once in a week
• Comb after drying , use oil or cream
•Use Egg shampoo
Do not apply chemical based shampoo excessively. Use only a mild shampoo with out containing alcohol. Avoid over shampooing which will remove the vital natural oils.

Use a conditioner every time after shampooing. Conditioners soften the hair while adding nutrients and give the hair a shine.

Eat plenty of protein containing foods, complex carbohydrate, fresh fruits, dark green leafy vegetables, eggs, liver and oily fish for healthy hair. Also avoid fried foods, starches and sugary foods.

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