Hair - Choose your Shampoos and Conditioners
The aim of applying shampoo is not only to clean hair but also keeps hair healthy, beautiful and strong. A good shampoo leaves hair manageable, easy-to-comb and glossy.

We can choose the shampoo based on the purpose whether its for dandruff combat, reduce oil on the scalp or hair loss treatment or for the routine cleaning.

Choose a shampoo that is made specifically for your hair type. Check the label for “for dry hair” “for oily hair”, or “for normal hair”. The difference between these shampoos is the concentration of cleaning agent used.

Read the label on a protein-based shampoo and make sure that protein is listed as one of the prime ingredients.

Avoid shampoos containing Silicon, Pyrithione Zinc, Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate. (If the shampoo does not say Sulfate-free, it may contains sulfates)

For Dry hair, Egg shampoos with softeners and protein components are recommended and for Oily hair, citric juice component in shampoos helps to manage well and for Normal skin hair tonic shampoo should be used.
Regarding pH of shampoos, it is generally agreed that neutral or slightly acidic shampoos are better.

If you have any hair problem use medicated shampoo in consultation with your family doctor.

A shampoo should be judge by its performance not by its appearance, colour, perfume, and not by its price. It should clean the hair, rinse out easily, leaving the hair smooth and manageable.

No Rinse Shampoos are now available which can be applied without water and then simply towel dry.

Conditioner plays the role of adding back the moisture lost from the daily use of hair care products and excessive shampooing. Choose a rich, moisturizing conditioner if your hair tends to get dry and frizzy. A conditioner should only be applied to the hair shaft and the ends do not apply to the scalp, it will buildup and create a limp look.
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