Hair - Premature graying of hair
Graying of hair is a natural process. The stages of graying process are largely determined by our genes. Though the first appearance of one or two ‘silver lines’ at the age of thirty’s, and at the age of 50, generally 50 %of the hair become grey. If the grey hair appears earlier than this, is called premature graying of hair and it makes the young look older.
The colour of the hair depends on the presence of pigment granules in the cortex of the hair. With the age, there is a gradual dilution of pigment in the hairs and this resulted in different hairs the full range of colours from normal to white can be found.

Though the hereditary has an important role in premature graying, a faulty diet and mental worries are also play an important role in premature graying of the hair. Lack of some of the B vitamins, iron, copper, and iodine in the daily diet are also said to be a contributory factors. Devitalizing foods such as white flour, refined sugar and all products made from them, soft drinks, pastries, jams and jellies should be avoided.

Hair dying is the simplest solution for premature graying of hair. In European and other western countries hair dying is a fashion. Women bleach their hair and dye in different colours. But women generally prefer natural colours – back or dark brown. You may opt dying with dye shampoo or coloring oil or dying with herbs or dying with chemical dyes.
You may try the following home remedies which will be generally free from allergic reactions.
• Indian gooseberry or Amla is a valuable hair tonic for both hair growth and hair pigmentation. The Fry the dry fruits in coconut oil till it become black colour. Use this oil regularly and is very beneficial in preventing and curing premature graying.
• Equal part of Indian gooseberry juice and almond oil with few droops of lime juice is an excellent mix for massaging the scalp and is beneficial in the prevention of premature graying of hair.

• Adding 'Amla' (dried and powdered Gooseberry, 'Phylanthus embilica') and beating in an Egg Yolk makes the dye fast. Unlike chemical dyes, this is quite harmless.
• Heat a handful of Curry leaves slowly just below the boiling point in coconut oil. Allow to cool and massage on scalp. This is an excellent hair tonic and an inexpensive hair dye.
The paste of henna leaves, boiled in coconut oil can be used as a hair dye to blacken grey hair.
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