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Prevent rape - In your home
We believe that we are safe and secure behind the locked doors of our own homes. But the statistics show that around 40% of the rapes that took place recently happened inside the victim's own home. The following precaution will be helpful to decrease the chances of encountering a rape attempt.
  • Install a peephole viewer in the front door and get into the habit of checking it BEFORE you OPEN the door and don't open your door to strangers
  • Do not welcome anyone into your house; to use the phone, or check or repair any installation when you are alone in home.
  • Install adequate exterior lighting at all entrances. Keep a light on in more than one room to make it appear that you may not be alone.
  • Make sure all locks are strong and secure on doors.
  • When moving into a new house or apartment, make sure to replace or re-key the locks. Doors and windows should be kept locked at all times in the home.
  • Don’t enter your house or car if you suspect someone has broken in.
  • If affordable, it is better to provide an intercom or combination / camera system should be installed. This will allow the homeowner to not only talk to their callers but to see who they are as well. Because of technological advancement, low cost safety / alarm systems are available any where or can buy through online.
Remember, Spend a little on prevention and save a lot on the cure.
Prevent rape at Parties / Date Rape

Alcohol plays a major role in party / date rapes, and the use of drugs doubles the chances. It is always desirable to avoid drinking in parties or keep in strict control of your drinking. Alcohol is over 90 percent a significant factor in all date and acquaintance rape. Drinking weakens your judgment and your means of self-defense. Don't Drink at all...and Don't Use Drugs.

  • Though you are a soft drinker, always watch your beverage, even if it is soda or fruit juice. Keep your drink with you at all times- carry it with you even if you go to the toilet.
  • Open your drink yourself. Don’t share drinks.
  • Don't leave a drink unattended, or accept a drink that someone else has given you. Most times this is harmless, but there is chance of drugs being slipped into your drinks. Drugs such as GHB, (gamma-hydroxyl butyrate) Rohypnol and Ketamine Hydrochloride (popular date drugs) are commonly used to tranquilize victims and these drugs tend to be colorless and odorless, so they can easily be mixed into drinks. The person who drinks it will have less ability to fight back against sexual assaults or may be rendered unconscious. These drugs can also seriously harm your health or even kill you. It act within 20 to 30 minutes and can last as long as 12 hours.
  • Though tests are not foolproof; Coasters can use to detect whether the so-called date rape drug has been slipped into a drink (Florida-based Drink Safe Technology)
  • If you feel you are losing control, or somebody is trying to trap you, don’t hesitate to call your parents or close relative or a reliable friend for help.
  • Watch out if any body is pressuring you to drink and keeps giving you drinks; it may lead you into a bad situation.
  • Never go into private room at a party or an empty alley with a stranger or with a person if you have only known for a short period of time.
  • If you are invited to have tea or a drink with someone new even during broad daylight, do not go alone; take a friend with you.
  • Be more careful at dance/ loud music party .Your request for help may not hear by others.
  • If anybody starts ‘touch and talk’ tell them forcefully to stop and walk away, to a place where there are other people.
Remember, avoiding is better then suffering
Prevent rape in your car
  • Do not park your car in isolated places and park only in well lit areas.
  • Car doors and dickey should be kept locked at all times
  • Always keep your vehicle in good running condition.
  • If your car has some problem, raise the bonnet and put on emergency lights. Contact your service centre and wait inside the car for help with the doors locked.
  • Develop the habit of looking inside the car. Check the back seat and floor for unwanted passengers before you entering the car.
  • If working late, try to go to your car along with a friend or company security guard. If this is not possible, move your vehicle close to the office well before sunset.
  • Make certain that you have enough fuel to reach the destination.
  • If you are being followed, drive to the nearest police station, or any place where a group of people standing.
  • If you want to travel alone, travel through populated, well-lighted area.
  • Don’t go shortcut through high risk areas even though you save considerably.
  • Don't hitchhike or accept rides from strangers.
Remember, prevention is always better than cure!
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